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Being a massage therapist and experienced in the ways of holistic and alternative medicine, it can be a challenge at times to follow your own advice. Meeting Chelle and her proactively discussing my health choices and lifestyle helped me get back in step with my own health, as I am always on the lookout for my own clients. Being a type A personality with an always on the go schedule makes for little time to assess your food options and a tendency to have anxiety more than a little. Talking with Chelle helped me reassess my daily activities and how I went about my food and supplements, which helped me finish my workday without being completely drained by the end of it all; also, tackling my anxiety level, that I had not previously realized was an issue. Chelle tries to be as available as possible if I have any questions or am in need of a mini counseling session to help me back on the health wagon. I am grateful to have her help as a health coach.

Elke S.


Chelle helped me answer many questions and concerns about moving to more of a natural and holistic approach to healthcare. Chelle is very personable and professional, but most importantly she knows her stuff. I felt very confidante with the information and the help she provided.

Thanks Chelle ūüôā

Lake Mary


 Chelle is the best health coach and health care advocate you could have in your corner.  Two years ago, she became concerned about my difficulty breathing and proactively discussed my symptom with me.  She introduced me to the supplements I needed and took a  genuine interest in my journey to better health.

 If she makes a recommendation you can be sure that she has done the research and knows what she is talking about.  Chelle goes out of her way to give you informed choices and provide you with natural, healthy solutions.

Sandy Farr


When I came to Chelle with my health issues, she was quick to offer solutions that worked for me.  She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help.  Initially, I was on 4 prescription medications that were managing my symptoms, but that was about it.  Not to mention what these drugs were doing to my body.  With the help of Chelle and my doctor, I am now off of all prescription medications and feel better than I did before I became ill.  I can’t thank her enough for leading me down a path to health and wellness.  Not only does she provide recommendations, she is supportive every step of the way.  I would highly recommend Chelle to anyone that needs help learning a better way.


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