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Corporate Wellness

What better way to cut longterm costs on healthcare in your company than make a short term investment into a positive wellness program that not only supports health promoting lifestyle changes for everyone involved, but also earns a return on your investment!! Your new wellness program will not only help your employees stay healthy, but also promote teamwork, increase productivity while increasing loyalty to the company. This type of wellness program has also been shown in studies to decrease sick time taken and workmans comp claims made.

The wellness program will be tailored to your companies needs and desires, for example, after reviewing information from a survey of your employees we may find that your employees would like a “sports court” where they can play a variety of sports as opposed to an onsite gym. You may decide that you would like to invest in supporting local farming as opposed to growing your own garden.

Personal Lifestyle Changes

When you have reached your limit, when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, I can hold your hand and guide you through your lifestyle changes that will give you back your vitality. It is not easy when you decide to take responsibility for your own health, the temptation does not go away. Together we will figure out the best ways for you to remove toxins which are foreign to your body from your diet and begin to feel good again. Your plan will be tailored to your level of knowledge, financial ability and schedule allowance.

Most food additives have been scientifically linked to some sort of illness or disorder, once these toxins are removed from your daily life, your health begins to change. One example of this is food dyes, many of which have been scientifically linked to ADD, ADHD and other behavioral issues. The addition of herbal formulas are often necessary in order to return the body back to a more balanced state.

8 week auotimmune rebalance program

So you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and want to know what you can do naturally? Well let’s discuss things!! Autoimmune diseases are different, nothing seems to work! You just want it to stop!! Well maybe with some lifestyle modifications and herbal remedies, you can very possibly lessen the symptoms a bit. Autoimmune diseases are hard enough because they’re invisible, no one has a visual on your agony so you must be exaggerating it which is just ridiculously annoying for the sufferer. Herbal supplements support and nourish the body thereby encouraging the body to stop arguing with itself.

13 Week Weight Loss Program

This program is amazing!! Not only is it super awesome for weight loss, but it is also a great way to learn how to eat clean! This program walks you through, step by step how to slowly remove toxins from your diet and leaves each and every client with lifelong health promoting habits. This program is plant based, holistically designed and scientifically tested. The In.Form weight loss program was recently put to the test in a scientific study conducted at the Hughes Research Center for Research and Innovation.

This will of course work best when you have a group of people to do this with, to get excited about recipe discoveries and new farmers markets to check out. You can also get your family on board which is optimal since this plan ultimately leads to lifelong health promoting habits such as balance, habitual clean eating, and knowledge of life-health balance.

During a 90 day period, two groups of generally healthy individuals with key biomarkers indicative of metabolic health already within the normal range were monitored for improvement. Both groups followed diet and exercise recommendations but only the second group received the added benefit of the IN.FORM product protocol.

At the end of 90 days, the group who received IN.FORM products experienced median improvement in the following areas:

  • 12% reduction in body weight
  • 21.5% reduction of fat mass
  • 51% reduction in triglycerides
  • 15/10 mmHg reduction in blood pressure
    (11% reduction in systolic and 12% diastolic)
  • 18% reduction in total cholesterol
  • 19% reduction in LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol



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