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Holistic Beauty Goddess
Orlando, Florida
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One-on-One Personal Consultation Plan to heal your body naturally!

What is it you need? 

We can create any type of plan that you need! If you simply desire some quick advice, we can do that, if you would like something more in depth, we can do that too! We can create a family plan, a single plan, a small or medium sized office plan, or a corporate wellness plan for your entire company!

Corporate Wellness

Our initial consultation is $150 an hour, we will discuss goals for your company, program components desired, time involved and potential overall investment. Positive corporate wellness programs are one of the best ways to attract the best of the best in your industry!

Personal Lifestyle Enhancement

We will meet for an initial consultation where we discuss your goals then begin putting the wheels in motion. In order to help you, I need to see what you eat. So the beginning of your journey will require you to keep a food diary. 1 Hour and 15 Minutes   $75.00

Follow-up 30 minute Visits$40.00 thereafter to continue and support your health plan and make sure you are supported with success.

FOR WEIGHT LOSS CLIENTS: The In.Form program is $225 for the 13 week program plus the cost of any products purchased.

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