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Chelle Hennessey. Holistic Beauty Goddess.

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida by my dads parents, grampa a Harvard graduate from Boston, gramma a nanny from Brazil. Grampa was 4 when the stock market crashed so he was not prone to accepting excuses about anything from anyone, he even graduated early to marry gramma. Being raised by them gave me a no non sense, almost literal view of the world. If you do this, that will happen. I took that same approach to my life, so when I made a decision that caused a mistep to turn into a learning curve I did what I had to do to get myself out. When the doctor said that I had to avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, dairy and stress when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I took that seriously. So when I had an attack that landed me in bed for a week, I just sucked it up and took it because I consumed those things.

My journey into health began around 2007-2008, if I had to guess. I know I was getting serious about the whole thing by July 2008. That’s about when I was over being sick, I’m a very determined person so I was now on a mission to not be this sick all the time. I had no intention for my entire lifestyle to change, but I had ruined enough things for my kids up to that point (a disease that just likes to surprise the person afflicted is no fun for anyone). I decided to pay attention to how I reacted every time I ate a meal. From there, I broke down the meals by food, eating each food separately as if it were an appetizer, then one of my girlfriends began the alternative medicine program and she began to guide me. Her guidance helped me create a base,  I then took the course myself and became a holistic health coach. I continued on to earn a Masters in Public Health, graduated Magna Cum Laude in both my under grad and graduate degrees.

My undergrad program included 33 hours of nutrition as holistic medicinal modalities use nutrition in their treatment programs. I cannot diagnose or treat any illness, however, we can discover together what these traditional modalities may say about you using some tools and techniques that I have learned over the years.

I’d love to guide you on your journey into health!!


  • Appointments available by Skype if you are not local
  • Together, we will help you take control of your own health. You will learn how to eat to live, not live to eat. I may recommend supplements for you to take in order to help you reach your goals. We will determine which of these supplements would be the best support for your body.
  • Your consultation results will be tailored to you and the goals you have set. We will go over recipes, places to find healthier foods, etc. We can go shopping together if you’d like!!
  • I am an expert at helping you remove toxins from your diet, which allows for you to…..
    • get more energy
    • clear up digestive and elimination issues
    • lose weight and reduce inflammation
    • help better control high cholesterol, high blood pressure or high sugar
    • balance hormones
    • help with arthritis/joint issues and inflammation – All based on your individual specific issues using the right nutrition and supplements for you.

I have researched natural health, nutrition and gut health since 2010. I will continue to research health issues and their root causes in order to provide the best information possible.

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